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Neoprene - Shoes, Boots - Manufacturer

We are not shoe factory. We are only involved in the manufacture of some shoes / boots related to water or underwater sports. The main body of these shoes is made of neoprene (wetsuit material) and is manufactured by us. Other vulcanization processing parts need to be completed by the matching shoe factory.

  • Neoprene Dive Boots
  • Neoprene Dive Boots

Neoprene - Diving Shoes / Dive Boots

Explain: The main part of our diving shoes and dive boots is made of CR neoprene (wetsuit material), which is light, soft, flexible, comfortable to wear, and provides warmth and protection for both feet. Diving shoes and dive boots usually have good waterproof and will not absorb too much water. They are mainly suitable for scuba diving, freediving and spearfishing.

Remark: Diving shoes and dive boots are usually made with GBS (glue & blind stitch) because of the need for waterproofing. The instep and heel are wrapped with vulcanized rubber for reinforcement. The sides are closed with zipper and hook and loop fasteners. Suitable for adjustable fins), the sole of the shoe is made of vulcanized rubber or molded sole according to different needs.

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  • Neoprene Surf Shoes
  • Neoprene Surf Booties

Neoprene - Surf Shoes / Surf Booties

Explain: The main part of our surf shoes and surf booties is made of CR neoprene (wetsuit material), which is light, soft, flexible, comfortable to wear, provides warmth and protection for your feet (from rocks and corals), and vulcanized rubber sole with good traction and touch on skateboard, suitable for surfing, diving, boating, snorkeling and swimming in open waters.

Remark: We also manufacture some hard bottom sailing boots. The main body is made of SBR neoprene (wetsuit material), and the outside is fully wrapped by vulcanized rubber. The side is equipped with an adjustable lacing system (including a waterproof liner at the back to prevent water from entering), moulded sole, special texture, excellent grip on wet surface.

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  • Neoprene Fishing Shoes
  • Neoprene Fishing Boots

Neoprene - Fishing Shoes / Fishing Boots

Explain: The main part of our fishing shoes and fishing boots is made of neoprene (wetsuit material), it is waterproof and warm. The molded sole is usually with rivets or special textures. It can provide greater grip on smooth surfaces, suitable for standing on slippery embankments or awkward terrain, or crossing shallow streams filled with smooth stones and rocks, and trekking in thick mud.

Remark: We only involve fishing shoes and fishing boots made of neoprene (wetsuit material). This is one of the more traditional materials. The cost is relatively high, but the warm performance is very good, because neoprene fabric support digital printing (sublimation transfer, accept customer design pattern printing), we can easily use a variety of camouflage printing patterns to enhance the sense of design.

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  • Neoprene Hunting Shoes
  • Neoprene Hunting Boots

Neoprene - Hunting Shoes / Hunting Boots

Explain: The main part of our hunting shoes and hunting boots is made of CR neoprene (wetsuit material), it is waterproof and warm. The molded sole can provide stable traction on the smooth surface and prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. The rubber construction is naturally scent-free, and camouflage pattern is used on the outer layer to keep you undetectable.

Remark: Traditionally, we use neoprene outside laminated camo printed fabric to obtain camouflage effect. At present, we can also use neoprene outside to wrap camouflage vulcanized rubber to obtain the same camouflage effect, and have better strength and waterproof performance, easier to clean, both ways accept customer design pattern printing.

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  • Neoprene Rescue Shoes
  • Neoprene Rescue Boots

Neoprene - Rescue Shoes / Rescue Boots

Explain: We provide a series of professional rescue equipment, which also includes rescue shoes and rescue boots, made of neoprene (wetsuit material) and other high-performance materials, super sturdy, providing warmth and protection for both feet, and traction soles can allow wearers to stand in different terrain, suitable for rescue organizations and military departments.

Remark: Traditionally, we use felt soles to obtain traction. Felt soles have the best anti-slip effect on smooth rocks, but felts can spread algae, infectious fish diseases, and invasive aquatic life. They are prohibited in some areas. Nowadays, we mostly use molded rubber soles. Through specially processed textures, they also have super high traction and adapt to wider terrain.

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Neoprene Material Explain:

Normative Interpretation: "Neoprene" = "CR" ≠ "SCR" ≠ "SBR"
"Neoprene" just refers to the "CR" (Chloroprene Rubber), but now the industry "Neoprene" include "CR" (Chloroprene Rubber), "SCR" (Chloroprene & Styrene Butadiene Rubber), "SBR" (Styrene Butadiene Rubber).

Normally we call the neoprene sponge as raw material, the product after cutting and laminated (cut thickness, laminated different fabric or coated / embossed / perforated) is called semi-finished product (neoprene fabric), the final product is called finished product (the product of neoprene material such as wetsuit, etc). We produce semi-finished product and finished products, semi-finished products (neoprene fabric) have a variety of uses, can be sold alone, the material Department of our factory has been supplying semi manufactured products (neoprene fabric) to manufacturing factories in various countries all over the world.

Neoprene sponge color is black, cream, aqua and white. Usually we use black, but if light color fabric is laminated, the use of cream, aqua or white neoprene sponge is better, this collocation can better reflect the color and bright of the light color fabric. If use the black neoprene sponge will light color fabric dark and distorted. But the cost of cream, aqua or white neoprene sponge is higher than the black neoprene sponge.

Neoprene Type CR SCR SBR
Sponge Color Black, Cream Black, Cream Black, Cream, Aqua, White

Neoprene Fabric Production Processing:

Neoprene Fabric Production Processing